Welcome to DynaPoll!

DynaPoll offers you the ability to create and manage your own online polls - much like many other sites! However there are a few important differences which we believe set us apart from the rest.


DynaPoll polls are not like your traditional poll

We believe that the participants in your poll should not only get to vote for their preferred choice but that they should also be involved in creating the choices in the first place! Call us crazy but doesn't that make so much sense?  Read more  /  See one  /  Create one

But they can be if you really insist!

Obviously sometimes a DynaPoll style poll doesn't make any sense. So we give you the option of creating those boring old static "traditional" polls too. These are obviously much better suited to questions with finite answers.  Create one

We've got Pollinnaires! Say what?

A Pollinnaire is a ridiculous name that we regrettably decided to use for a group of polls. In hindsight "a group of polls" would have perhaps made more sense. Like a Questionnaire you can pose a series of Poll questions through a Pollinnaire.  See one  /  Create one

Put a link to your site on your poll

We'll let you put a link to your website or wherever you want alongside your poll. Why not send people to your site after asking such an interesting and thought provoking poll question?!  Read more  /  See one  /  Create one

Put a blurb about your site on your poll

Makes sense to put a little bit of information about your site alongside that link. People like to know what's at the other end of a link right? Get people interested in your website or just tell them something to supplement your poll question.  Read more  /  See one  /  Create one

Drive more poll participation by featuring your poll

You can book one of the 2 feature spots on this page or on the Poll Browser page to encourage more people to view your poll. The more votes the more accurate your result. The more views of your poll the more views of your blurbs and links!  Read more  /  Book one

We've got some unique reporting for you

We've got the kind of reports you would expect but we also have some that you wouldn't have seen before like our "Poll Evolution" report.  My DynaPoll

Put your poll on your Wordpress site

If you have a Wordpress site or blog you can use our DynaPoll plugin to embed any of your polls (or anyone elses if you like) on your site.  Read more

Best customer service on the planet?

We're not happy unless you are happy. We'll help you with anything at all. We'd prefer questions about DynaPoll but that's not mandatory! You want a feature we don't currently have - we'll probably just develop it for you and name it after you.  

Sign Up for Free

It costs nothing to sign up to DynaPoll and create as many polls as you want! For every 2 times that you vote for a poll on this site we will give you one free poll. This will also work to your favour because it helps to increase the chance that a new member to DynaPoll will participate in your polls too.

Free Poll Features

A Free Poll provides you with the following DynaPoll features:

  • Up to 100 votes (or 5,000 views)
  • Use of the DynaPoll Wordpress Plugin and Support
  • Full reporting